TNTT Year End 2006 Celebration

TNNT and Tro Ta wrapped up the year 2006 in various home every year.  This year the troops congregated at Carolyn's in Placentia.  The gift exchanges kicked off the gathering spirit; the gift value was not be exceeded certain dollar amount, so the opportunities were fun, and offered an incentive to many as possible to get in the gift pool.  Some gifts were designated to special people with their contribution to TNTT.  Both of our parish shepherds were invited to this special time of the year, as gratitude from the troops to the spiritual counsel and leadership throughout the year.

The Christmas gathering time marked the year long effort of work, training, teaching, fellowship which sometimes the troops have the rare occasion to sit down to enjoy each other company, and ...the good foods.  What a jolly time of the year!
Grace and Peace of the Lord be on earth and be with each one of us!
Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous New Year.